When life gives you lemons 🍋

When life gives you lemons.

Do you squeeze every ounce of juice out of it?

Or do you turn it into something wonderful and still have half the juice left?

Pretend in this situation money is a lemon, you could waste every last drop, or you could use a little have so much happiness but yet still have so much left.

This is my situation I was a ‘lemon squeezer’ if I could use every last bit of money I would, why not I would think.

But now I am the opposite I use what I need and use it wisely, and some of the most beautiful memories are occuring because Im not using every last drop of lemon juice in one sitting we are finding ways as a team to create adventures and memories worth ten times more than we used to but only on a drop of the juice.

The moral of this blog –

Dont be a lemon squeezer! Save every last drop and make a thousand more memories, because you can not put the juice back in a lemon! Just squeeze what you need🍋🍋