When life gives you lemons 🍋

When life gives you lemons.

Do you squeeze every ounce of juice out of it?

Or do you turn it into something wonderful and still have half the juice left?

Pretend in this situation money is a lemon, you could waste every last drop, or you could use a little have so much happiness but yet still have so much left.

This is my situation I was a ‘lemon squeezer’ if I could use every last bit of money I would, why not I would think.

But now I am the opposite I use what I need and use it wisely, and some of the most beautiful memories are occuring because Im not using every last drop of lemon juice in one sitting we are finding ways as a team to create adventures and memories worth ten times more than we used to but only on a drop of the juice.

The moral of this blog –

Dont be a lemon squeezer! Save every last drop and make a thousand more memories, because you can not put the juice back in a lemon! Just squeeze what you need🍋🍋

Does money really bring happiness?

Can money really bring happiness?

To be honest I would of said yes, the dreams of winning big on the lottery sounded like I would have never ending happiness all the things you could afford to do! No worries give my children the finest things.

But in the real world of debt no money and bankruptcy I’ve learnt one major thing money is not needed for happiness.

Easter holidays, two children and bankrupt… one week in and what have I found ..Happiness!

Ive had to think hard on how I could keep the kids busy without spending hardly any money and still keep within our allowance for the month.

We’ve had picnics outside, we wrapped up and went for a lovely walk along the river we sat and chucked stones and learnt my lads the Joy’s of skimming pebbles over the water.

We’ve baked cakes and biscuits, explored our local area! Turns out we have this amazing wood which has the most awesome rope swing!

And today it snowed… yes snow in April is a tad unexpected but we had fun!

And what have I learnt in this week…we have made more memories and more happiness by not having to spend a penny outside budget.

There was no soft play just so I could have 5 minutes peace or chucking money just to do things that I thought made my kids happy.

Exploring and spending time with me is all they need they dont care what it is we do aslong as it still feels like an adventure.

Today I actually felt like I maybe winning this mum thing!

Before applying for bankruptcy things you need to be aware of.

Applying for bankruptcy is not an easy fix to your debt.

First off you actually have to pay a fee of over £600 just to apply….which in its self seems hard to do when your already struggling.

Then if you are approved. They actually work out what disposable income you have and how much you have to pay back a month. You do have two weeks to challenge there decision but seen as they work it out by your expenses you dont really stand much chance unless theres extras you believe you can not live without.

So in my bankruptcy I have to pay just under £700 a month I’m a single mum to two children both under the age of 6. I do work full time but also live by myself. These payments are for 3 years. I challenged this as too it would turn out I’m laying back more than my actually debt but something else to be aware of is that there is an actual £8000 charge they add on for the court costs.

Although I have to say they are extremely helpful any changes to income you can phone, and they can look into the amount.

But bear in mind bankruptcy ain’t a bed of Rose’s or an easy fix and remember this does stay on your credit file

The day I got approved for bankruptcy!

Okay so this isn’t by far not a proud moment or statement! But it is a statement and a moment in its self.

The relief on opening that email and seeing the words approved.

Relief was the first thing I felt. No more worries and the ifs and buts of how we were going to make it through another long month. It wasn’t living it was surviving I was surviving in the pond of dept that’s I had flooded my self into.

These next few days I filled out paper work had a telephone interview so someone who didn’t know could know and try to find out how I got into this situation.

My reason was a relationship breakdown 21 year old and newly single with twins 6 months old. I was stupid I wouldn’t to prove I could stand on my own two feet. But one loan led to another and then to another and before long inwas in too deep to ask for help.

I didn’t want anyone knowing infect ashamed so it turns out for 5 years I had kept all these feelings to myself no one knew how much debt I was in and I didn’t want to tell anyone either to be honest.

All I could think whilst doing the paperwork and conversations was why didn’t you just ask for help from the start?

The Journey of my bankruptcy

Okay this may seem completely nuts like why would someone want to blog and talk about their bankruptcy

well … at 26 riddled in dept and unable to survive  and struggling to actually come to terms with the fact that I was maybe going to have to declare bankruptcy I mean come  on you automaticallly associate bankruptcy with failure. But I’ve done it I’ve declared bankruptcy yes days are hard but trust me it feels weirdly better than the feeling of drowning in my own dept