The day I got approved for bankruptcy!

Okay so this isn’t by far not a proud moment or statement! But it is a statement and a moment in its self.

The relief on opening that email and seeing the words approved.

Relief was the first thing I felt. No more worries and the ifs and buts of how we were going to make it through another long month. It wasn’t living it was surviving I was surviving in the pond of dept that’s I had flooded my self into.

These next few days I filled out paper work had a telephone interview so someone who didn’t know could know and try to find out how I got into this situation.

My reason was a relationship breakdown 21 year old and newly single with twins 6 months old. I was stupid I wouldn’t to prove I could stand on my own two feet. But one loan led to another and then to another and before long inwas in too deep to ask for help.

I didn’t want anyone knowing infect ashamed so it turns out for 5 years I had kept all these feelings to myself no one knew how much debt I was in and I didn’t want to tell anyone either to be honest.

All I could think whilst doing the paperwork and conversations was why didn’t you just ask for help from the start?

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